Trek Dates

  • Kondiyanatham to Gomukhi Dam: October to December
  • Duration: 4 Days

Approx Temperatures

  • Day time: 15°C to 25°C
  • Morning/night: 10°C to 15°C

Trek Facts

  • Grade: Easy
  •  Altitude: Sea Level
  • Lush Green Forest

Trek Fee

  • Per person: ₹5, 000.00

Unlike other hikes and adventure programs that people usually organise, this expedition requires you to just carry your backpack and reach the campsite for an understated weekend of solitude by the riverside. Kachirapalayam is a small village on the way to Salem, about three hours from Pondicherry. It is camping in its truest sense, and just what you need after a long week day at work. Here, you will learn how to set up camp, prepare your own meals in the wilderness and live in a tented set up under the bright skies and starry nights. By the end of the trip, you will have a good idea of how to survive in an environment that is completely unlike the one you are used to. Now who wouldn’t want to improve their survival skills?

Trek Itinerary

  • Drive from Pondicherry
  • Arrive Big waterfall campsite in the evening
  • Travel time around 3 Hrs by Drive. Hike around 2-3 Hrs
  • We start our expedition from Pondicherry. There are two ways to go about the travel – by local bus, which is an adventure in itself, or a hired vehicle which will drop up to the starting point of our short hike into the wilderness to our campsite. It is a 3-hour road journey to the Kachirapalayam village, but from there we have to venture towards its outskirts to our campsite that rests by the Gomukhi dam. The walk is an easy one which is about 2-3 hours long and it takes us partly on the main road that rests by the side of the Gomukhi dam and then turn towards the hill which is where we will be setting our campsite. The narrow trail further leads us along the river to our campsite, and this is the best part of the walk. You are welcome to walk through the water and stay cool all through the way. Once we arrive at the campsite, your first task is to pitch the tent and arrange the mats inside. The next task is to make sure the supplies are in place. These include the food, vessels and any other essentials that we will need for the stay as we will not be visiting civilization through our stay there. If the weather is good, then you can leave things outside or else you will have to arrange space inside the tent for them. Once you have taken your afternoon nap after all the hard work, evening brings the opportunity to start a fire to make a round of tea. Here you need to understand how much fire you need to make for the kind of food you are making. You will learn how to set the stones around which will make it easier for the vessel to balance itself without tipping over. Over dinner we have the choice to start a barbecue or something simple that is wholesome yet easy to cook. The menu is not fixed and we can decide collectively. Everybody takes collective efforts to join in the preparation. After a round of stories by the bonfire and stargazing, clean up and retire to bed.  
  • Hike along the river 
  • Reach Camp 2
  • 4kms
  • 3 Hrs
  • An easy hike with river crossings
  • Reach Camp 3
  • 3 kms
  • 3-4 Hrs
  • Walk along the river through the dense forest
  • Camp 3 to Gomukhi Dam, start the return Journey
  • 6 kms
  • 4 Hrs
  • Reach Pondicherry by evening
  • You begin the day with a round of hot tea and a short hike around the area to explore the vegetation around and trying to identify the wide variety of birds that woke you up from your deep slumber. Those who don’t feel like taking a walk can stay back at the campsite and catch up on a book or soak in the humbling sound of the gentle stream. The stream has a couple of rocks that make for a good seat where you don’t need to step inside but can soak your feet without getting drenched. But you’d rather take a nice long dip because that serves your bathing requirements as well. When was the last time you showered in nature before this? After a quick yet satisfying breakfast, it’s time to pack up and make our way back to civilization. You should be hitting Pondicherry by late afternoon.

Terms & Conditions

1. Stay: Stay at Pondicherry on the last day of the trek is not included in the trek fee.

2. Transport: Transport from Pondy to Pondy can be arranged by us at an extra cost. Transport is arranged in Sumo kind of vehicles. A vehicle carries 5-7 people. Sometimes the number of people in a vehicle can be even 4 or 8. Participants are expected to share the cost likewise. The amount is to be paid directly to our transporter. No service tax is applicable on transport cost. Roads & Journeys  only arranges the vehicle pick up and is not responsible for any issues during transport.

3. Pick-up: Participants are picked up from the Beach Road. Pickups from the  start from 6.00 am.  Most participants opt for the Roads & Journeys pick up and we assume the same in your case. In case you do not want the Roads & Journeys  pick up you will have to make your own travel arrangements.

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