The Land of the Dawn-Lit Mountains, Arunachal Pradesh is the largest of the North-eastern states. The state is inhabited by 26 major tribes and over 100 sub-tribes. The major tribes are Adi, Galo, Aka, Apatani, Nyishi, Tagins, Bori, and Bokar. Over 80 per cent of Arunachal Pradesh is covered with thick evergreen forests and it has five major rivers…

Mountainous peaks, flowing rivers, fresh water streams, the heavenly feeling of being with nature, wilderness in all its glory. The list just goes on and on. This is what an enthusiastic group….

Being in Leh in January is a challenge in itself. The flight from Delhi landed at 10 AM at the Kushok Bakula Rimpochhe Airport at Leh. As the plane taxied off the runway the pilot announced the temperature; -13 degrees celsius….

“Far from the madding crowd” – this was the only mantra which gave me the courage to sign up for the Roopkund trek.
A group of strangers (more or less)….

Starting early, around 5, we walked our way, close to 4 km, to the camp at Shitkadi from Sonamarg. The remaining trek members arrived the previous night and camped by the side of a small brook….

So every time someone does some Himalayan trek and comes back, all you get to hear is – “Hey it was epic! What a fun trek! A lifetime experience” and what not. No one really tells you the difficulties….

The 8 hour long flight with two stops at Mumbai and Amritsar was not as fun as we thought. Calling flight attendant to ask whether the Golden temple was on the left or the right side of the plane…..

Rupin Pass trek covers the path along the Rupin river starting from where it cruises through the villages to where it originates. The highlight of the trek is the changing picturesque landscapes every….

They say that after you suck dry all of the juice of a ripe mango, you can throw the seed anywhere in this land and it will grow. Maybe that is why every turn of the head is another sighting of spindly coconut palms flowing in the damp air…..

Appreciating Hogenakkal is like reading a good romantic novel: one tends to enjoy the journey more than the destination.  We were riding on bikes down to this small hill station on the fifth and last day of an arduous journey. We were hurt, tired and we longed for homely comforts…..

They say time travel is still a myth, technically maybe. However, sometimes life allows you spaces to almost walk back in time, find places and people who seem untouched by the fast moving pace of urban civilization….

It was a sworn promise that the four of us (Taarak, Satyajit, Nadu and I) would make a camping trip every year in the month of December. This year the TV channels and the news warned ceaselessly about a cyclone that was about to hit Tamil Nadu….

“Sorry, we do not have hot water,” the caretaker at the Garhwal Mandal rest house in Sankri announced with a deadpan face. My heart sank. After enduring seven sweaty days and 52 kms on the Har-Ki-Dun trail, I was so looking forward to a hot cleansing shower!

The mountains are calling and I must go. I stared at my t-shirt that was saying this out loud to me. It was that time of the year when I gave up the comforts of my city life and home and went trudging up some Himalayan slopes for some peace, quiet, and stunning…

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