Program Dates

Dibrugarh to Dibrugarh:

Duration: 8 Days 7 Nights

7th to 14th November 2020

Approx Temperatures

Day time: 12°C to 17°C

Morning/night: 8°C to 14°C

Program Facts

Grade: Easy

Altitude: 6,350 ft

Home to Idu Mishmi Tribe

Dri River 

Tour Fee

Per person: ₹25,000

    Trek Itinerary

    Dibrugarh to Roing

    Our journey begins from Dibrugarh airport. The town is situated along the mighty Bhramaputra river and lies at the border of Assam and Arunachal. Once the trekkers have arrived at the airport, a vehicle is arranged to pick us up and take us to Roing, the last major township at the north-east frontier of India. The road from Dibrugarh to Roing is a scenic 3 hour drive through glorious tea estates and paddy fields. Enroute we pass by Tinsukia and get the opportunity to ride on the longest bridge of India. Once we arrive at Roing, everyone is checked into an institute called RIWATCH for the night. RIWATCH, an abbreviation for Research Institute of World’s Ancient Traditions Cultures and Heritage, is a non-profit organisation that empowers ethnic communities to prosper sustainably by strengthening their value system. There is a museum here which showcases artifacts and lifestyle of the tribal. Once settled in and acquainted with this beautiful institute, we take time off to explore Roing. The town is located at the foothill of the Mishmi Hill. Close to Roing is the ancient remains of Vishmaknagar, home of Rukmini, wife of Sri Krishna. The Mehao wildlife sanctuary, Sally lake, Mehao lake and Mayudia mountain pass are some of the tourist attractions that can be covered.    

    Roing to Anini


    From here we start our journey by road to Anini, covering a distance of 223 kms. This isn’t the smoothest of journeys are there is massive road repair work in progress. When roads and bridges didn’t exist on the route, a 3 hour journey nearly took a day as river crossings were carried out by rafts and boats. Also, landslides are frequent, so delays are part and parcel of the journey. Now, of course, a decent road exists, even though it’s a bumpy ride that can be covered in about 10 to 12 hours. We will be crossing the Mayodiya Pass enroute. “Mayodia” is a Deori-Chutia word which stands for “shrine of mother goddess”, “Mayo” means “mother goddess”, “Di” means “water” and “Ya” means “land”. It is a frequent domestic tourist attraction thanks to the snowfall it receives during winters. Get a taste of Arunachal Pradesh’s untouched beauty while travelling down tricky roads that give you a sense of thrill and keep you at the edge of your seat. There are two  accommodation alternatives at this point which come in handy if the roads are blocked due to landslides and will take time to clear.The first is Circuit House, which falls closer on our route. The second is to stay at landing ground, closer to Dembuen. Depending on the road condition, we will dock at either for the night.



    The next day we embark on a longer 5 hours hike to a place called Alombro which is en route to Mipi, the last village on the route and another dead end. The hike takes us through forest, bamboo groves and swaying hanging bridges over wild rivers. One bridge, in particular, is just wires and two bamboos held under the feet. By evening we will arrive at the hut, our shelter for the night where a warm fire will be lit right in the center of the room. The night goes by sitting around the fire, singing, chatting and learning about the tribal way of living.

    Alombro Trek. 5 hours of return walk and overnight in Anini.

    Dembuen to Banks of Dri


    Next morning, after a lovely breakfast, we push off for a short hike along the Dri River. The road ends at the ITBP post and there you will spot a helipad. In Arunachal, you will not find it unusual to spot helipads at every nook and corner as the Indian Air Force sends all the necessary help via helicopters. From here we hike for another hour and this is something spectacular as you will not find a single barren patch anywhere. You will be engulfed in lush greenery. You will also come across a particular kind of berry which is used to make wine. Once you reach the river, its first glimpse will leave you awestruck. Gaze into its pristine and clear water, something that you can spend hours doing. The bank is wide at certain spots and one even has the option to camp here. After spending some time at the banks of the Dri, we will head back to the guest house to enjoy the local rice beer and some scrumptious homegrown organic vegetables for dinner.

    • Local sightseeing and cultural tour of Anini and visit Mipi

    Anini to Roing. 

    As we make our way back to Roing, you will be left reminiscing the week that went by – no tourists, no traffic, no pollution, no loud sounds. Just clear skies, fresh air, clear river water and evergreen forests. After spending the night in Roing, we will make our way back to Dibrugarh the next day with nothing but warm memories in mind.

    Roing to Dibrugarh to catch your flight back home

    Terms & Conditions

    1. Stay: Stay at Roing on the last day of the program is included in the fee.

    2. Transport: Transport from Dibrugarh to Anini and return is arranged by us at no extra cost. Transport is arranged in Sumo kind of vehicles. A vehicle carries 5-7 people. Sometimes the number of people in a vehicle can be even 4 or 8. No service tax is applicable on transport cost. Roads & Journeys  only arranges the vehicle pick up and is not responsible for any issues during transport.

    3. Pick-up: Participants are picked up from the Dibrugarh Airport. Most participants opt for the Roads & Journeys pick up and we assume the same in your case. In case you do not want the Roads & Journeys  pick up you will have to make your own travel arrangements.

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    "Anini leaves you spellbound. if you want to experience a world of solitude, this is the place. "
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